Question (to me): What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Answer (from Me): It’s complicated.

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I’ve always liked the option in “Relationship Status” on Facebook that says, “it’s complicated.” I thought more people should use it…because it seems the most honest assessment of many romantic relationships. Then, well, then there was the last 6-8 weeks in Alaska.

Our son, Marcus, has always kept life interesting. A few years ago, he moved to Alaska where life has stayed interesting. While out snowshoeing, one spring afternoon, Marcus was stalked by two wolves. This summer, he sent us a note that when school was out for the year (he’s a teacher), he was going to spend two months commercial fishing in Prince William sound after which he’d be in Michigan for a week. In August, when he came to Michigan for a week, he brought a young lady, Casey home with him. When they got off the plane, she was wearing a diamond ring – as in, meet your future daughter-in-law, moment.

While they visited with us, general plans for a wedding started to emerge. June of 2018 in Alaska. Parents, siblings and possibly a few close friends from Alaska. Not sure how much ceremony we want. Don’t know more than that. We’ll let you know.

Plan update: It’s complicated. About 6-7 weeks ago. The world shifted for Casey – who was teaching in a very small town of 200ish people – when she encountered a job change that also meant she would need to leave the small town and her living space there. Marcus lives 45 minutes away from Anchorage on one of the most accident-prone highways in Alaska and the only reasonable housing of any kind for Casey would be there. In the next two weeks, the conversation between Marcus and Casey was around – where should Casey live and what does that mean for “us?”

Plan update. We’ve set a date. About 4 weeks ago. Marcus and Casey decided they were going to get legally married so they could start their life together and move into Marcus’ apartment. So, one night they called us and the next day, Carla and I were making plans to fly to Alaska for Thanksgiving.

Plan update. It’s marriage week. Carla and I are off to Alaska on Wednesday and will be home the following Tuesday. Thursday, we spend the day enjoying Thanksgiving with friends of Marcus. On Friday, Marcus and Casey will say vows in the presence of Carla, Casey’s mom and me somewhere outdoors. Marcus has promised that it will be above 2500 ft elevation; there will be snow on the ground; and, the temperature is forecast to be a high of 17-19 degrees (F) and feel like single digits. For me, that forecast makes gives all new meaning to “Black Friday.”.

Plan update. June 2018. Marcus and Casey are married. The family wedding gathering next June – to affirm vows in front of siblings and maybe a few close friends from Alaska has been set. So, we’ll be heading back to Alaska – hopefully to a much warmer Alaska. 😉

So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? If it’s complicated, I’ll believe you.

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