2018 Great Lakes Regional Synod Re-cap

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As a classis in the RCA, we participate in a regional assembly called the Great Lakes Regional Synod (GLRS). This group, made up of churches from classes from throughout Michigan and Ohio (primarily), meets one time per year on the first Monday of May. Below is a brief summary of the key happenings.

Several reports were given by Regional Synod Leaders & Staff:

  • Judy Nelson, President
  • Doug McClintic, Church Planting
  • John Messer, Executive Leader
  • Scott Lokers, Transitional Ministry

Delegates also considered three Overtures, all proposed by the Regional Synod Executive Committee:

  • Overture A: The Transfer Of A Regional Synod to another Denomination
    • After discussion, this overture was denied.
  • Overture B: For a Grace-Filled and Orderly Re-Alignment
    • After discussion, this overture was approved.
  • Overture C: To commend the Great Lakes Catechism on Marriage and Sexuality

The two overtures that were approved will be considered when the General Synod meets June 7-12, 2018 at Calvin College. The Executive Committee report with the overtures and grounds can be found here.

Regional Synod elected new leaders for the coming year. Elder Bob VanderZwaag (Community Reformed, Zeeland Classis) was elected as President of Regional Synod. Rev. Greg Brower (Great Lakes City Classis) was elected as Vice President.

Our regional financial budget was reviewed and after discussion, a $.050/member increase was approved for the budget beginning January 2019 bringing the assessment to $20.00/member. Regional Synod also approved salary guidelines for ministers and church staff as a resource for Classis.

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