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At our fall meeting, the Board indicated to you that we were developing a survey of classical members (Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Commissioned Pastors). The intent of the survey is to capture a “point in time” of our classis as it is today. The survey is not intended to predict where we might land based on new information or on actions that might be taken by General Synod 2020. Our desire is to know where you, as leaders, find yourself right now.

In keeping with this reality, if you haven’t read the latest Vision2020 News from October 30th, please do so before taking this survey. Option 2, Reorganization, receives significant attention and increased definition in this article.

As you take this survey, please be aware that the questions for ordained ministers and commissioned pastors serving in congregations are different than ordained ministers serving in specialized ministry. Since the future of ordained ministers/commissioned pastors in congregations is directly tied to their congregations, we felt the questions should reflect that difference.

As you take this survey, all answers are in a dropdown format. Below each question, you will see the word, “Choose” with a grey down arrow. Click on the arrow and you will be able to view the answers available to you.

Finally, all submissions are anonymous. We are not seeking for you to sign in or collecting emails.

We will be gathering this information between today and November 22. We will compile the information and present it to the Board in December as we plan for our January gathering. Information from the survey will be available to classis members as part of the January agenda.

Click here for the survey

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