We Are Zeeland Classis

Classis Zeeland of the Reformed Church in America. Sounds pretty stiff and formal doesn’t it? It probably should since we are a group of churches formed by shared faith, history and beliefs that we believe are important enough to talk about, argue about, struggle with and use to hold each other accountable.

But that is only a small part of what we are. We’re a community. We are located together and apart. We live similarly and diversely. We worship at different times and in different styles. We are small and large. We are suburban, small town and rural.
We’re partners in ministry. We share in the larger ministry of the Reformed Church in America. We share in local ministry together using shared offerings to plant new congregations, strengthen existing congregations and develop leadership.

We’re a family of congregations – most of our churches are within 10-12 miles of Zeeland, MI, while three congregations are located on the north side of Atlanta, GA. We’re a body of church members (a little over 10,000 strong) having an effect on the communities where we live, work, recreate and volunteer in civic activities.
Can you picture that? Want to be part of that? Take a look and see who we are.