Rev. Dan Ackerman serves as the Classis Executive Leader. His role is to provide overall vision and communication between the churches that will enable a culture of commitment, trust and transparency among leaders and congregations.

Prior to this ministry Dan served as a congregational pastor and a leader for congregational renewal in a national ministry. His interests and speaking topics include: congregational renewal; developing a leadership culture; cultural trends affecting congregations; and, creating healthy structures that create freedom in ministry. Over the years, he has served on numerous boards and led tasks forces focused on developing vision/strategy in organizations, part of which earned him the Emerging Young Leader Award from the National Coalition of Men’s Ministry in 2001.

Dan was raised in the Western U.S. (Washington and California), but has lived and ministered in West Michigan for the last 25 years. He has lived on Guam and traveled to Europe, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Japan and several Pacific Islands.  He is married to Carla and has four children who are exploring their life and faith with God.

To contact Dan, send him an email at or call the The Church Effect Office at 616-748-6081