Count your many blessings

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Count your many blessings; name them one by one; Count your blessings; see what God has done. When I was growing up, my mother seemed to hum (sing) this song – or maybe just these two lines – almost endlessly. I’m not sure if it was her way of staying above the fray – after all, she was raising 7 … Read More

Survey says…

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At our fall meeting, the Board indicated to you that we were developing a survey of classical members (Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Commissioned Pastors). The intent of the survey is to capture a “point in time” of our classis as it is today. The survey is not intended to predict where we might land based on new information … Read More

Of Apologies and Answers

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First, an apology. In keeping with my personal feeling that public statements require public ownership and acknowledgment, I am choosing to open this blog with an apology. For those of you who received my comments about the Eastern classes or selecting delegates as contentious and condescending, I offer you my apology. It was not my intent to demean or de-legitimize … Read More

Wondering about Wordless Books

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Too often, we want to (or do) live in the world of words. Words that describe. Words that command. Words that invite. Words that dismiss. We live in a world of words…even when pictures might have more power. The Grand Rapids Art Museum is opening an exhibit of original prints from David Wiesner’s wordless story books. The exhibit is called: … Read More

Conversations…Part 2

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This weekend, Carla and I had the opportunity to visit with some extended family. An older aunt in Carla’s family died and we gathered to remember and celebrate a life. Conversations full of stories were accompanied by pictures. Some stories matched reality as we understood it. Some stories contained information we had never heard or understood that way before. A … Read More